Q: If there is load shedding how can I catch up on my programmes?

A: One can either stream live so that you don’t miss the programme whilst load shedding is taking place. Or you can use DSTV Catchup.

Q: Does the DSTV Explora software update itself?

A: Yes the software will update itself once its turned off it normally takes 10min to update.

Q: Can you manually update your DSTV Software?

A: Yes one can update the software manually.  Select menu and then select advanced options

Q: Can you downgrade your DSTV package?

A: Yes you can choose to downgrade your DSTV package but keep in mind that most channels will not be available if you choose to downgrade.  As a DSTV consultant to advise you on the lower packages and what channels are included.

Q: what is DSTV Catchup?

A: DSTV Catchup allows one to catch up on programmes that my may have missed.  DSTV Catchup programmes are selected by the most rated and viewed programmes.

Q: How long does DSTV Catchup keep a programme that has been missed?

A: A programme will stay on DSTV Catchup for at least 7 days of first date of the broadcast.

Q: how long does it take for a programme to show on DSTV Catchup?

A: Within 24 hours you will be able to view the programme on DSTV Catchup .

Q: Can you download DSTV Catchup and watch offline?

A: Yes you can download the programme you want to watch whilst connected to the internet, but you can view it offline at a later time.